Welcome to this independent stats website

The site was established in 2008 by Andrew Nimmo and Roger Monksummers to support the newly emerging Sporter Air Rifle (SAR) shooters. The statistics provided proved to be a very effective source of data and thus of use in coaching, planning, and facilitating the selection of upcoming juniors (under 21) within the SAR discipline into the GBR Junior squad. The progression of the SAR shooters also meant that the values of the website could be seen and before long a separate dedicated set of outputs was established for all the disciplines shot by juniors.

As juniors turned 21 so the need to include those shooters as seniors (and their contemporaries) became apparent and so a “cunning plan” began to emerge, including the need to amalgamate the two sub sets, “Shooters” and “Coaches”.

The Covid 19 virus of 2020 caused a period of competition inactivity and therefore a time window presented itself that was ideal for the planned re-write of the websites software.

At the point in time Andrew had a workload that meant he, to quote the saying “did not have enough hours in his day”. Huge and sincere thanks go to Andrew for his 12 years support of this project. To fill the gap with a person with quality IT and shooting knowledge two individuals were approached as experience has shown the value of duplication of skills holders, I am pleased to say that Chrissy Monksummers and Steve Batchelor agreed to “come on-board”. Since the arrival of Chrissy and Steve we, with the aid of many, have reviewed the format of the software and with the assistance of developer Chris Petchey we have our revised format emerging.

This website is, numerically based on numbers, scores, but it is intended not as a scoreboard but a coaching and shooter development tool, a concept Chrissy and Steve will happily banter with you on!

So, as we go into our 13th year, “thank you all”.

Roger Monksummers

Our Team

Roger Monksummers

A retired Prison Governor with management experience in a number of sports;

  • Soccer – Director of a Football League club.
  • Canoeing – National level management, inc. Dir. Of Security for a World Champs
  • Shooting – NSRA Board Member, GBR Team Manager, Judge.
  • Horseshoes – President of UK Assoc. and medallist at World Games

plus an ongoing life supporting juniors, including via Scouting.

Steve B

Chrissy M